Fees from 1 January 2017

Full care package  -   £9,500

This fee includes all antenatal visits, delivery, and a postnatal visit (usually around 6 weeks). 

From 20 weeks  -   £9,000

From 30 weeks  -   £8,000

From 35 weeks  -   £7,500

For caesarean section only  -   £5,500 

This includes one antenatal and one postnatal visit.

For those needing antenatal care but plan to delivery elsewhere  -   £400 pounds per consultation.


Consultation  -  £250

Follow up consultation  -   £200

Investigations and minor procedures are not included in the consultation fee.

It remains a patient's responsibility to check with their private healthcare insurer that a consultation or care is covered according to the terms of their policy.